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Specialized cleaning division (SCD)

We're in this business since 2010 and We provide the best cleaning services

Kitchen exhaust cleaning is the process of eliminating oil that has penetrated inside the channels, hoods, fans and vents of exhaust frameworks of business kitchens. “PEPTECH" gives you an excellent kitchen exhaust channel cleaning administrations in understanding to Dubai district request no 61/1991 and NFPA 96 norms with specialized experts.


The nature of indoor air is one of the best five ecological threats to the overall population. Indoor air quality is affected by toxins that are caught and afterward flowed all through the house or working through the air pipe framework.

"PEPTECH" gives you excellent HVAC duct cleaning administrations agreeing to NADCA and IAQ guidelines with exceptionally prepared professionals having profundity information and abundance of involvement with air pipe cleaning, from private to business multi-story high rises, inns, marine and seaward activities.


We as whole skill water is significant component in individuals yet generally water stockpiling tanks are not kept up with or disregarded, anyway tanks are typically debased with soil scale, dead creatures and creepy crawlies just as a wide range of microscopic organisms causing inconvenience and sickness.

“PEPTECH” gives extensive business and private water tank cleaning that is ensured to guarantee consistence with the Dubai Municipality and Environmental release guidelines.


Each laundry business has a channel or series of ducts – the exhaust framework – that eliminate the hot, dampness loaded air from dryers and exhaust it outside. This hot air is loaded up with buildup particles that, after some time, store inside the conduit. Customary upkeep is expected to eliminate the collection.

“PEPTECH” gives you quality expert laundry duct cleaning administrations at all the occasions, keeping up with the exhaust frameworks in a business laundry for a smooth-running activity.


Cleaning garbage chutes much of the time will further develop the air quality and diminish scent by eliminating the shape, microorganisms and different things waiting inside the chute after junk removal cleaning waste chutes is a type of source air contamination control.

"PEPTECH" gives you excellent trash/junk chute cleaning administrations with exceptionally prepared professionals having profundity information and abundance of involvement with this help being the best specialist co-op in the present market.


For what reason should a building’s exterior be cleaned? Abuilding with shiny and clean exterior presents a more impressive image - and, hence, a more alluring land prospect - to general society.

"PEPTECH “provides you excellent building facade and window cleaning services with specialized professionals having profundity information and abundance of involvement with this help.


PEPTECH provides a safest and professional way to clean window/ facade using pure ionized spot free water with WATERFED POLES up to 4 floors. All our staffs are fully trained to use the equipment within a safe & professional method.


"PEPTECH" gives you proficient high pressing factor surface cleaning for any sort of surface, for example, carports, substantial floors, parking garages, rooftops, distribution centers, boat slopes, carport floors, boat decks, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.


Standard cleaning of cooling frameworks and towers is vital factor which diminishes gathered supplements, a fundamental driver of Legionella development.

"PEPTECH" gives you expertise cooling tower cleaning administrations which incorporates cleaning and sanitization which is done in some measure at regular intervals. We have effectively done cleanings in one of the biggest ocean water cooling towers situated at EMAL power plant and different region cooling towers at EMAAR.


“PEPTECH" gives you proficient services of cleaning and maintenance of the water components and signage sheets for gas stations, workplaces, stockrooms, structures and so forth


We at PEPTECH provide you quality professional Marine and Offshore cleaning services at any given time.


"PEPTECH" gives you proficient cleaning services to factory/warehouse or industrial facilities which are modified according to the customer's requirements which incorporates rooftop tops, floors, machines, Over head Lights, Pipes, Columns, Cable plate, Access Doors Cleanings, Trenches profound cleanings and so forth.


Facility Maintenance Division (FMD)

We're in this business since 2010 and We provide the best cleaning services

  • Total building maintenance.
  • MEP services (Repair/maintain HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing systems)

Rope Access Division (RAD)

We're in this business since 2010 and We provide the best cleaning services

PEPTECH gives ROPE ACCESS SERVICE according to your requirements for tall buildings, window/exterior cleanings and other skyscraper support works at a reasonable cost. Every one of our staffs are completely prepared and guaranteed by IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) and are completely skilled in taking care of any sort of skyscraper occupations inside a safe and expert technique.

  • Rope Access Window and Facade cleaning
  • Rope Access Handyman Service

Our Products

HVAC Air Duct Cleaning Accessories and Supplies.

Peptech can supply altered elite air conduit cleaning hardware and adornments for business and private ventilation work frameworks, for example, HEPA vacuum extractors, pipe cleaners, video automated auditor, fogger, air whip frameworks according to the customer's prerequisites.

Indoor Air Quality Products.

Peptech gives an altered answers for all the indoor air quality issues, for example, form development in HVAC frameworks, smoking rooms smell neutralizer, clean air for business kitchen, antimicrobial treatment for air channels, shape remediation or any sort of indoor air quality issues according to customer’s needs.

Supply of HVAC Products & Equipments.

Peptech can supply and introduce HVAC items and types of gear like FCU, AHU, PAC, electrostatic precipitator, exhaust fans, ducting, barbecues, diffusers, channels and other related items from the different notable brands on the planet according to customer's necessities.

Air / Water Lab analysis.

Peptech is working together and has maintained business partnerships with various local municipality approved labs across the region which can provides air analysis for the indoor /outdoor air quality monitoring, water lab analysis for the water reservoirs, tanks swimming pools & water features as per local municipality standards at very reasonable rates.